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स्काउट्स, मार्गदर्शिकाएँ


Various Activities / Achievements in BS&G (2018-19)

*Registration done for Scouts/ Guides/ Cubs/ Bulbuls in April-2018.

*Registration for Prime Minister Shield in April-2018.

* Mr. Sunil Kumar (TGT-S.St.) and Mrs. S. Pal (TGT-A.E.) done the advance course of Scout Master and Guide Captain respectively in April-2018.

* 11 Scouts and 07 Guides passed the Tritya Sopan Test in May-2018.

*04 Scouts and 03 Guides bagged Rajya Purskar in July-2018.

*05 Scouts and 04 Guides Selected for Pre-President Award in July-2018.

*01 Cub and 01 Bulbul selected for IVth Charan and Harik Pankh in August-2018.

*16 Scouts and 17 Guides qualified Dwitya Sopan Test in October-2018.


* Mr. C.L.Sagar and Mrs. Lata Saxena Participated in two days workshop.

भारत स्काउट और गाइड (2018-19) कैलेंडर


Bharat Scouts & Guides Activities Calendar  (2018-19)
Month Activity Scheduled
Apr-18 Registration of New Scouts/ Guides/ Cubs/ Bulbuls
Registration for PM Shield
Jul-18 Pravesh Test
Investiture Ceremony
Pre-Rajya Purskar Testing Camp
Rajya Puraskar Testing Camp
Aug-18 Tritya Sopan Testing Camp
Dwitiya Sopan Testing Camp
Unit Registration
Oct-18 Orientation Programme
Dec-18 Pre-Rashtrapati Award Testing Camp
Rashtrapati Award Testing Camp
Jan-19 Pratham Sopan Testing Camp
Teachers Course
Feb-19 World Thinking Daya

Cubs/Bulbul Utsav